Completed Projects

Selected recent research projects are listed in approximate chronological order.

Consultant: Orange Pavement Markings: Implications for MUTCD Application. Assessment of effectiveness based on prior research and potential application for inclusion in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Mr. Hanscom’s role is to advise the National Committee of Uniform Traffic ControlDevices. Active project in 2018.

Consultant: Development of Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Canada, 6 th Edition. Project sponsored by Transportation Association of Canada and conducted by CIMA, Inc. Mr. Hanscom’s role was to provide advice with respect to various aspects the US MUTCD. Project initiated in 2016.

Co-author/Contributor:  Traffic Control Devices Handbook published by theInstitute of Transportation Engineers.Mr. Hanscom co-authored the Human Factors chapters in both the 2001 and 2013 Editions.

Consultant: Review of Missouri DOT’s Proposed Administrative Rules on Outdoor Advertising. Missouri DOT contract to MRIGlobal, LLC, Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Hanscom conducted a comprehensive human factors literature review to comprise the basis for recommendations regarding the use of roadside
billboards. Project completed in May 2013.

Consultant:  Canadian Guide to Applied Human Factors in Road Safety Engineering for the Transportation Association of Canada, under contract to Intus Road Safety Engineering, Inc.  Mr. Hanscom is served as a subject matter expert and consultant.  Project completed in 2012.

Principal Investigator:  Subcontract to Current and Emerging Markings, Signage and Application Criteria for Multi-lane Roundabouts, conducted by Ourston Roundabouts of Canada for the Transportation Association of Canada. Project completed in 2010.

Principal Investigator:  Laboratory Testing of Proposed Roundabout Traffic Control Device Options in the 2009 MUTCD; National Research Council, National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 20-07 (231) under contract to the Transportation Research Corporation. Mr. Hanscom’s role
was to direct the project, which recommended specific guide signing treatmentfor application at roundabouts. Project completed 2008.

Principal Investigator:  Horizontal Curves Safety on Roads: Technical Support to the Federal Highway Administration office of Safetyunder Contract DTFH61-05-D-00024.  Subcontract to BMI-SG.  Mr. Hanscom was a principal researcher and co-author of final report. Project completed in February 2007. Consultant:  Develop of Comprehensive Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems, NCHRP Project 17-18(8) under contract to Westat Systems, Rockville, Maryland.  Mr. Hanscom assisted in all phases of this effort and co-authored the final report. Activity completed in 2002.

Principal Investigator: National Research Safety Agenda Support: Assessment of Coordinated Safety Approach,  NCHRP Project 17-18(9) under contract to the Transportation Research Corporation, Markham, Virginia.  This project identified critical short, mid and long-term research activities to increase highway safety.
Mr. Hanscom’s developed the research-needs white papers and a national workshop. Activity completed in 2002.

Principal Investigator:  Field Evaluation of the Collision Countermeasure System (CCS) in Prince William County, Virginia. Continuation of work initiated under Federal Highway Administration Contract DTFH61-94-C-00131.  Under contract to Transportation Research Corporation; Virginia Department of Transportation.  Mr. Hanscom conducted a field evaluation of an automated vehicle-detection and changeable-message sign system designed to warn major-road drivers of approaching minor-road vehicles.  Activity completed in December 2000.

Consultant:  Determine Causes of Driver Maneuver Errors, Federal Highway Administration Contract DTFH61-96-C-00015.  Conducted by COMSIS Incorporated, Silver Spring, Maryland.  Mr. Hanscom’s role was to assist in the literature review and data collection activities Study completed in 1998.

Subcontractor:  Delineation of Hazards for Older Drivers  under Federal Highway Administration Contract DTFH61-92-C-00043   Conducted by COMSIS Incorporated, Silver Spring, Maryland.  This project developed and tested a number of traffic control devices designed to improve driving safety for older drivers. Activity completed May, 1996

Subcontractor:  Guide Sign Design at Vail, Colorado Roundabout Interchange.Under contract to Leif Ourston and Associates, Santa Barbara, California.  TRC’s role in the development of roundabout interchanges at Vail, Colorado was to design the guide signs in accordance with accepted practice Project completed July, 1995.

Prime Contractor:  Developing Measures of Effectiveness for Truck Weight Enforcement Activities  (National Research Council, National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 20-34). The product of this research is a software package comprising guidelines for states to apply in determining the effectiveness of their truck weight enforcement activities. Project completed in

Subcontractor:  Truck Accidents at Freeway-to-freeway Connectors (Sponsored by the California State Department of Transportation); conducted by the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Irvine. TRC completed a
subcontract effort to examine truck accident causation on major connector ramps. Study completed in 1990.

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